About Charles de Coti-Marsh

Charles de Coti-Marsh was an Osteopath and Naturopath practicing in the UK between 1940 until his death in 1968.

Apart from the clinic he ran in Victoria, London, he was better known throughout his career for his interest in and, considerable success in treating Arthritis in a natural way using only dietary principles.

During this time he wrote extensively on Rheumatology, being the medical speciality concerned with the study and management of diseases of the joints and connective tissue.

Charles had very definite views about the dietary association with Rheumatism and Arthritis and expounded his theories vehemently whilst engaging in research projects into the cause of the disease rather than treating it’s resulting symptoms.

He remained convinced that diet, or rather more a poor diet lacking in fresh fruit, vegetables, pulses, nuts, grains, legumes and, in particular he stressed reduced salt (sodium) was largely responsible for the debilitating and painful condition.

In many ways he was way “ahead of his time” because the diet he proposed with such conviction so many years ago is now recommended by most Nutritionists and dietary scientist’s throughout Europe.

Charles wrote four books and many papers on diet and natural treatment for Arthritis.

He was also responsible for formulating a range of special food supplements under the Hursdrex label that he recommended to his patients in his London practise to aid a healthy recovery programme.

The range he developed is still sought by many who find them beneficial for their health when taken with appropriate dietary changes.

They are solely manufactured by and available from Bio-Health Ltd.

Charles de Coti-Marsh’s dietary advice is very much in agreement with modern thinking and it remains a tribute to his remarkable vision that he stated these views some 70 years ago. The benefits of his advice were much appreciated by his patients then as the products he developed are today.

In 1967 Charles de Coti-Marsh received the French “Cross of Chevalier Ordre Courtoise Francais” for his work in aiding arthritic victims back to good health.

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