British Herbal Medicine Association 50th celebrations at the Barber Surgeons Great Hall, London. 1964 – June 11th 2015.


Victor Perfitt, as past president and one of the longest serving Chairmen of the British Herbal Medicine Association, gave the after lunch speech.
“Achievements recalled, and many friends remembered” was the theme of his address to an audience of BHMA members and supporters in The Barber Surgeons Great Hall in the City of London.

Victor began with a “snapshot” of the people – and characters who shaped and guided the BHMA over 50 years.

First hand anecdotes and memories of dogged effort from those he called unsung hero’s, those who have delivered Herbal Medicine safely into a scientific age, followed.

He claimed the BHMA’s principles, values and dissemination of quality information as being the hallmark of it’s success and has resulted in an Association present members can be proud of.
A roll call of former members, many no longer alive, to whom the current association owes a debt of gratitude for their dedication to a cause they passionately believed in, “to defend the right of the public to choose herbal medicine and obtain them freely” was applauded.

He continued to describe the “life or death” battle which secured those same rights in 1994, when the authorities first became aware of the ardour Herbal Medicine engendered with the public via a campaign that rocked the corridors of power, as “a seminal moment in history of Herbal Medicine”.
In conclusion Victor said “the BHMA has been a force for good as it upheld its principles in good times and bad, always furthering the cause of herbal medicine and securing it for generations”.

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