June Crisp, Director and Co-owner of Bio-Health Ltd, announces her retirement



June Crisp is retiring as Director and Co-owner of Bio-Health Ltd, the specialist herbal medicines and food supplements company based in Rochester.

June Crisp explains, “I could not imagine that I would ever want to retire but now the time feels right. I know that I am leaving Bio-Health when it is thriving and that the company will continue the philosophy and values that are well established. We have always sought to provide first class products for our customers and that has built our reputation over the years. We have maintained the highest standards and we are recognised in this market as having outstanding products.”

David Smith founded Bio-Health Ltd in 1981. June Crisp recalls “When he asked me to come to see him I was very impressed with the company and the standard he had set. In fact, I liked the company so much that I bought it from David in 1996. We have been through all the ups and downs in the economy and our reputation for producing outstanding products to the highest standards has enabled us to weather any storms that came along.

After 21 years, I am proud to be leaving Bio-Health as one of the few truly independent UK manufacturers of healthcare products. My business partner and co-owner, Victor Perfitt, together with the enthusiastic team at The Herb Place, will drive the company forward with plans for many new, exciting and innovative products already in the pipeline.. They will maintain the standards we have set and Bio-Health will continue to be a company that we can
all be proud of.

I am considering what I will do now and I have no future plans other than I will, of course, remain available to assist as a consultant for Bio-Health Ltd if required.”

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