Made in the UK

Bio-Health Ltd. is one of a few remaining wholly owned UK manufacturers of Herbal Medicinal products, based in the County of Kent, known as the “Garden of England”.

All products are manufactured in premises licensed by the “Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority” (MHRA) London, England (License No.MIA/15817). Accordingly they conform to all EU regulations.

When made in Kent, products carry the “Pure-fil” trademark which guarantees they are totally additive free, including Genetically Engineered, i.e. Genetically Engineered ingredients.

Products that are licensed as medicines carry the “THR” Traditional Herbal Registration mark which conveys the products are medicines.

Whilst “Proud to be made in the UK”, ingredients are sourced throughout the world. All herbal raw material is tested against published Pharmacopoeia standards which includes testing for heavy metals, pesticide residues and microbiological burden.

Herbal ingredients are from Organic, wild crafted or cultivated plants and conform to accepted scientific standards, i.e. British Pharmacopoeia.
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