A History of Distinction

‘Pure-fil’ was born to Bio-Health in March 1981, when seven additive-free supplements were launched for the health food store market. Action against allergy, the hyperactive children’s support group and practitioners immediately recommended the products to their patients and allergy sufferers.

By 1988, the Pure-fil range had grown to thirty products. The company decided it was time to expand and Bio-Health moved its production of the Pure-fil brand to a purpose-built manufacturing plant in Rochester, Kent. The landowners, 700-year-old Rochester Bridge Trust, were so impressed with their new tenants that they named the new site Culpeper Close, after the famous 17th century herbalist and citizen of Rochester, Nicholas Culpeper.

A new lease of life

In January 1996 June Crisp brought her unique passion and drive to Bio-Health when she became the company’s major shareholder. It was at this time that June pioneered Pure-fil’s extensive range of fifteen more traditional herbal remedies.

July 1996 saw Victor Perfitt MBE, the former owner of herbal medicine specialists ‘Gerard House’, join June at Bio-Health. Victor immediately set about transforming the Bio-Health plant into premises that would be licensed to manufacture medicines. A full manufacturing licence was granted a year later.

Since then, Pure-fil has grown to become one of the most respected brands in a highly competitive market.
The re-launch, introduced vegetarian and vegan capsules, improved packaging and many additional herbal products.



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