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Marigold Ointment – 42gm

(3 customer reviews)

Marigold Ointment (ometimes referred to as Calendula.)

Soothing flower ointment for chaffed skin.


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Marigold Ointment

Sometimes referred to as Calendula.

Soothing flower ointment for chaffed skin.

Suitable any age group especially for children’s chaffs and grazes.

  • Lanolin free, artificial colourant free, perfume free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Base containing natural oils – Sweet Almond and Coconut
  • Aqueous (light/creamy) ointment containing approved preservative to ensure stability
  • Well proven and suitable for most skin types

3 reviews for Marigold Ointment – 42gm

  1. acralph636 (verified owner)

    Very effective for dry and cracked skin, absorbs very readily, use a few times a day, and works.

  2. athenay (verified owner)

    this cream is perfect for itchy dry skin, the only one that works for me !

  3. breesieb (verified owner)

    A good dry skin cream but pity about the parabens. We should be making creams without these additives!

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