The Cassilax® Poem



This poem was sent to us by one customer who was trying to find Cassilax® in his local shops for his sister. We think it is marvellous. Enjoy!

Far we looked and far we drove
Searching for that Treasure Trove
Many a Health Shop we interwove
Searching for that rarity called ‘Cassilax’!
My sister said ‘Just relax…’
It defies the Health Shops to keep in stock
Each time we shop, it’s such a shock
Why can’t they just keep our packs
Of remedies we love to use?
It’s always bound to confuse
For the benefit of regularity
We know it’s not a charity
But have a heart when we look with such consternation
Grimly at the Cashier, in our plight of constipation!!!

Author: RBM




A traditional herbal medicinal product used for the short term relief of occasional constipation and bloating, based on traditional use only.

60 x vegetarian tablets £9.25